Healthiest Salsa On The Planet and Home of the "No Acid Reflux" "No Heartburn" Mild Salsa

Fresh From The Garden! Asorbas Salsa's Are Made With Non GMO All Natural Ingredients

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Asorbas a good dose of vitamin C

Asorbas  Bell Pepper based salsas are all rich sources of the antioxidant vitamin c. Vitamin C helps prevent heart disease and promotes healthy aging. 

Asorbas products can stabilize blood sugar

Asorbas products contain Fiber found naturally in the cell wall of the plants used to produce the products without any fat or sugar. This is a winning combo for anyone with type 2 diabetes who is looking to add flavor to their food without raising their blood sugar. Fiber helps us feel satisfied after we eat, and it won’t trigger a release of the body’s insulin.

Asorbas is hydrating

Over 95 percent of a Asorbas products base vegetables weight comes from water. It’s important for adults to drink eight glasses of water per day and to eat water-rich foods. Every cell in our bodies rely on water, so adding more Asorbas salsa to your routine can help your body work more efficiently.

Healthiest Salsa On The Planet

Asorbas Products Only Uses Fresh Non-GMO Produce.

Eat Healthy And Natural

Asorbas Salsa Fresh From The Garden. Made With All Natural Ingredients Grown By Local Farmers.

Flavored With The Finest Ingredients

If You Don't Recognize An Ingredient, Your Body Won't Either. Our Ingredients: Fresh, Local, All Natural and Recognizable.

Our Growing Process

Asorbas pepper varieties used in its product formulations are annuals, lasting only one season. They require full sun, fast-draining soil and regular water. Our plants grow best when temperatures are warm and need substantial heat to set fruit. They tolerate drought, but do best in soil that is evenly moist but not soggy. Prior to planting,  we mix plenty of organic compost into our pepper patches.


With 15 years of growing and product manufacturing experience Asorbas has developed proven methods to enjoy long growing seasons.  Situated in Virginia we start our plants indoors about 8-10 weeks before transplanting and 2-3 weeks after the expected last frost.

Our pepper seeds sprout in about a week at a temperature of 70-80 degrees F., Our Jalapeno peppers can be very finicky.  As soon as the pepper seeds sprout, we plant them in individual pea pot containers. After the first true leaves develop we move the plants to our sunny southern facing open air hoop house until we can transplant them into the field garden. 

Finest Ingredients


Cilantro Is A Good Source Of Dietary Fiber, Vitamins A, C, E, K, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, And Magnesium.

Asorbas Food Facts

Bell Peppers

Like Other Fruits And Vegetables, Bell Peppers May Have Many Health Benefits. These Include Improved Eye Health, And Reduced Risk Of Anemia And Some Chronic Diseases.

Asorbas Food Facts


Garlic Is An Excellent Source Of Minerals And Vitamins That Are Essential For Optimum Health. The Bulbs Are One Of The Richest Sources Of Potassium, Iran, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, And Selenium.

Asorbas Food Facts


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