The Asorbas Story

red-square-pepper Duane Thompson’s passion for salsa sparked in the mid-1990’s after having a tough day. After the college football team he played for had a particularly awful game, Duane returned to his dorm room exhausted only to find that his friends raided his fridge, including the bag of garden fresh vegetables his grandmother delivered to him that morning before his big game. With only a few vegetables left, and a half a bag of tortilla chips, Duane created his earliest version of Asorbas salsa.

Duane was a little hesitant to eat his newly created snack, as he often suffered from stomach problems eating other salsas. However Duane took a risk, and soon realized that his new salsa creation left him without any stomach troubles at all. In fact it was very good, and became popular amongst his team mates. He soon after made it his mission to tweak his recipe in search for the perfect salsa, which later evolved to what you have today, Asorbas Salsa.
By 2000, demand for his homemade salsa had grown so high that he decided to quit making the salsa altogether so he could figure out how to bring it to market while maintaining his standard of local, wholesome ingredients. In 2006, he founded Sabrosa (Spanish for “tasty”) Foods Inc and began manufacturing his salsas in a co-packing plant in Virginia Beach.

The primary ingredient in his salsas are bell peppers instead of a tomato base common in many salsas, making his salsas a better option for heartburn sufferers. The naturally balanced pH makes Asorbas salsas shelf stable for up to two years without the use of artificial preservatives. All of the produce in his salsas are fresh from local sources: “If you don’t continue to harvest the farms around here, they’ll go away,” he says. “If you’re buying local, you’re growing your own community.” We couldn’t agree more.  

Today, Asorbas Salsa is focused on growing it’s product distribution both locally and internationally with a future interest in new product line acquisitions and strives to be the leader in the healthy, high end, natural food products industry while promoting sustainable business practices and environmental consciousness.


Our Mission

The Asorbas mission is simply to produce & provide healthy, all-natural foods through flavorful alternative gourmet condiments.

Our Facility

Asorbas salsa is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia US
Address: 2501 Fawn St.
Norfolk, VA 23504